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Shields are an essential part to gameplay as they are the only item that allows you to block arrows. You can cut arrows with your weapon or try to grab them with an empty hand, but you can only attack so many things at once and grabbing takes much more time than simply blocking them. Also important is that they add Armor to your character reducing the amount of damage you take passively. This data comes from game data - we need photos of these items in game and descriptions as volunteers are able to offer once their characters reach the levels required.

Crude Shield - worth 3 crude This is the first shield you get and you start with it. It's a very small shield so try to wave it at arrows to intercept rather than simply holding it out.

Leather Shield - worth 4 silver, 3 copper, and 1 crude. The leather shield appears toward the end of the first 100 levels and adds a lot of armor class - 200. This reduces your damage wildly. It's also slightly larger making everything just a little easier to block with.

Hardwood Aspis - worth 8 gold, 1 silver and 9 copper

Buckler - worth 2 cobalt, 5 gold, 6 silver and 2 copper

Bronze Shield - Worth 5 platinum, 8 gold and 2 silver

Crystal Shield - worth 11 platinum and 1 gold

Kite Shield - worth 18 platinum, 9 gold and 3 silver

Knight's Shield - worth 29 platinum and 7 gold

Mythic Shield - worth 43 platinum and 8 gold